Prevent Expensive Repairs

In a world where more people are rolling up their sleeves and doing their own home repairs, there are more frequent and higher chances of accidents and the costs of plumbing repairs for the homeowner after a do it yourself job has been botched, are through the roof. That is why the professional plumbers in Melbourne Australia are urging their local homeowners to call for an emergency plumbing service instead of trying to repair the plumbing issues themselves. Far too often emergencies happen from homeowners trying to fix things on their own and either they, or a small child that lives in the home, is seriously burned or scalded from hot water, in a shower or bath because there is not a thermostatic mixing valve or tempering valve fitted to control the temperature of the hot water.

Prevent Expensive Repairs
Prevent Expensive Repairs

When this happens, burns are the result in every case. No one wants to be burnt and the plumbers in Melbourne Australia are included in the number of people who don’t want to see others get burnt. That’s why knowing what valves need to be fitted and taking the necessary precautions, are things that the average homeowner has no knowledge in.

What many people don’t know, but plumbers do, is that the hot water heater installed in the average home is set to a temperature that is high enough to kill off any bacteria. By turning down the temperature of the hot water unit can result in legionella breeding in the hot water unit. This is why the temperature needs to be set hotter in the hot water unit and then broken down by valves before it goes to the bathroom.

When a pipe bursts in an area such as the kitchen or bathroom, shutting off the main water switch located either in the basement or outside of the home, is the best way to stop the water from pooling everywhere, and it ensures that the homeowner is kept safe from possible water burns or flooding from a hot water pipe causing plumbing issues.

Afterwards, instead of the members of the house rolling up the sleeves and trying to repair the plumbing themselves, a professional plumber needs to be contacted, especially in an emergency case. Plumbers in Melbourne are not the only ones that have emergency services available, there are emergency plumbers located all over Australia. Calling a professional plumber ensures that not only is the job completed correctly, but also that the homeowner is not paying a lot of money for the repairs.

The first thing every homeowner thinks when there is a plumbing issue is “Oh, I’ll just go down to the local hardware store, pick up some pipes, and fix it myself. Easy.” The truth is, a repair of the plumbing is far from a simple pipe replacement. There has to be an inspection of all the pipes along the line to see if there are any other weak spots that could lead to another water bursting later on. The pipes have to be fitted, which means that a plumber will have the correct sized pipes with them for nearly all piping needs and can ensure that the pipes fit properly. The work is always guaranteed so that if something happens the next repair is free.

Plumbers in Melbourne Australia wants everyone to know that hiring a professional plumber is the safest, and best way to repair any plumbing issue within the home. A repair by professionals keeps the household safe from accidental burning and scalding as well as ensures your plumbing is correct.

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