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Our first thought on a cold winter morning is rarely, “I wonder if my hot water heater is okay”. Instead, it is likely you are instead thinking of that toasty warm shower waiting for you, when you eventually get out of bed that is. With that said, should you be doing more to protect your hot water heater in winter? You bet you should. Avoid cold showers this winter and try these simple ways to protect your hot water heater:

Draining your water


If you find yourself living in a particularly cold part of the world or you know you won’t be around for a while, try draining the water from your hot water heater regularly. Leaving your hot water heater in cold conditions this winter could cause the water to freeze. This can cause severe issues and cost you a fair chunk of those savings to fix.


Instead, read the instructions carefully and drain the water regularly.

Then, when you are ready for that beautifully warm shower again, simple refill and away you go. This strategy will ensure you protect your hot water heater and avoid a costly bill so look out for signs.


Keep warm this winter


This advice doesn’t refer to only you.

If your hot water heater is placed in cold conditions, it can cause serious problems.
Cold conditions cause the metal to expand, meaning cracks could appear. This could lead to not only cold showers but other problems associated with water leaks. Instead, try installing some protection around your hot water heater to keep the area safe from the elements. You don’t need to wrap the hot water heater in cosy blankets, but ensuring that frost or cold winds can’t hit the heater will save you countless cold showers this winter.


Insulate the way


Protecting the hot water heater at your home this winter may require focusing on other areas than just the hot water heater itself. If your water pipes run for a significant length before running upstairs or into your home, then they will likely face the elements just as you do. Frozen pipes are no laughing matter and the repair bill won’t be either.


To avoid any repairs or issues this winter, try insulating the pipes in preparation.

Simple insulation around the exposed water pipes will ensure the water stays warm from the heater and onto your head in the shower. It will also ensure the pipes are well-maintained and don’t cause any unnecessary issues with the hot water system.


Check the nitty gritty

You don’t need to be a home improvement whiz to know a little more about your hot water system. Each system has a small part known as a dip tube. This part ensures that the cold water which enters the hot water system to fill it up doesn’t impact the warm water on top. If you find the water a warm temperature but not necessarily hot then you may need to check the dip tube.


If the dip tube is cracked or damaged then your hot water heater will become a lukewarm heater. If you don’t feel comfortable checking this yourself, then get a local plumber out to ensure your system is operating at its peak before winter hits.


A hot water system during winter is a friend to everyone, not to mention it being the only way to start the day. Do your future self a favour, as we know you find morning’s hard enough even with your hot water working well. So, take the time to prepare your hot water heater this winter, and avoid those teeth chattering cold showers. For those of you that are looking for an experienced plumber to assist you with all of the issues winters can bring, contact O’Shea Plumbing today!