As the weather is cooling down, more and more Melburnians are starting to rely on indoor and outdoor heaters to keep themselves warm and cosy. Portable gas heaters are are a very popular warming method, as they are relatively inexpensive and energy efficient. But while gas heaters can seem like the perfect solution to combat the winter weather, they actually bring with them a high risk of danger that many homeowners are not aware of.


Fixed heaters have a lot of accompanying rules and regulations regarding proper installation, where the heater can be placed, how to properly maintain the appliance, etc. Portable heaters, on the other hand, often have little to no safety instructions at all, and leave all dager prevention practices up to the user’s discretion.


The biggest threat when it comes to gas heaters comes from people using outdoor heaters in indoor spaces, which is strongly advised against by professional gasfitters but unfortunately quite common. When gas appliances are trapped in a closed-off area with no way for the gas to escape, users are at an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If there is any flame present in the area while the heater is on, homes are susceptible to fires or even explosions. Whether the heater is in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or some other part of the house, your roommates and family can be put in a lot of danger if the room doesn not have proper ventilation.


Another common problem at the moment comes from homeowners who are using their gas heaters in indoor/outdoor spaces (such as enclosed porches) that still do not have enough airflow to rid the area of accumulated gas. These spaces may seem like an acceptable place to use a portable heater because they are exposed to the outdoors, but if they are not fully open then placing your heater there can still be unsafe. Even the LPG gas bottles alone can be a huge hazard when manually connected to your gas line and kept in closed spaces. It’s important that wherever you put your heater and gas tank has open windows, a chimney or some other spot where the gas can exit out of.


Another solution is to nix your gas heater completely and instead opt for another home heating option. Sure, portable gas heaters may be convenient, but they are not worth the risk. If you get in contact with our experienced gas heating experts, they can advise you of the best domestic heating option for your Melbourne residence. If you insist on installing a portable gas heater, they can help you set yours up safely and guide you in the proper way to use it. We can even assess your likelihood of gas leaks and help you minimise your risk.


For more information on the risks of gas heaters and what alternative options are available, contact the O’Shea Plumbing team today at 03 9888 2887.