Plumber Wheelers Hill

Paul from Ashwood was a little concerned as his shower base started filling when in use and when he flushed his toilet it raised high in the bowl. Paul walked outside to find that there was a fair amount of sewage spilling into the yard. Not ideal, especially as they were hosting a 21st birthday party in two days. Paul self-diagnosed the issue correctly with a large, blocked sewer drain, causing wastewater to overflow outside.

Paul attempted to plunge the shower and toilet with no success and decided to get a professional domestic plumber to look at it. Being local to the area Paul contacted the Mt Waverley base of Oshea Plumbing who organised Ethan to head out there on the same day of the call.

Ethan arrived to find nothing out of the ordinary on a sewer blockage job. Ethan quickly found a general area where the blockage was located and the best access into the drain as well as presenting an obligation-free fixed price quote to try to clear the drain.

The quote was accepted and works began, Ethan used the cable machine for an extended period, however, couldn’t get the cable to around the bends of the overflow relief gully (ORG) as this had been installed with not quite the best fittings, meaning the trap at the ORG was too sharp and could not be cleared.

Paul started to really fret about the issue as the 21st birthday party was now within 24hrs. Ethan explained a few different options and together they came up with opening the ORG to try to clear the drain again. This could have been an issue if O’Shea Plumbing were a smaller company, but we were able to swap some jobs around for the next day and start work first thing the following morning.

Ehan arrived and started digging to expose the ORG trap only to find the drain runs under the slab of the house instead of running around it, meaning that some serious works may be the next and only option if this attempt didn’t work.

By lunchtime and T minus 6 hours until guests started to arrive Ethan got his cable machine out and very quickly cleared the blockage to the relief of Paul and his family. Ethan used a drain camera and identified the cause (in this case a fitting was used on its back which was common in the 1990s but by the late 1990s it was recognised that these fittings catch paper and start to back up).

Ethan cleaned the site so nobody would suspect any works had been completed. Ethan was off the property by 3:00 pm which gave a few hours for Paul and his family to take a breath.

O’Shea Plumbing has specialised in drainage issues as well as most plumbing maintenance for over 45 years. If you hear any gurgling, or drains taking longer to fully drain, or you have sewage overflowing and want an obligation-free fixed price quote please contact the office on 9888 2887. We offer plumbing solutions that include drain inspections, clearing works with cables or pressure jets, options to renew entire or sections of drains, re-line drains or even add drainage for a new toilet or tap.