Sewer Blockage Mount Waverley

‘Ross’ from Mount Waverley Vic, rang the O’Shea Plumbing office as there was a plumbing issue at his mother’s house causing unsanitary spillages in her home. Lawrie and Max (plumber and apprentice) quickly called around to the property to investigate the problem. After assessing the issue, they discovered that the sewer drain on the property had become blocked due to tree root growth in the drains.

Lawrie and Max quoted Ross for a number of different options and prices to solve the blocked drain issue, which included options from simply clearing the blockage and using Rootx to inhibit root growth, to relining and also replacing sections of drain. Ross decided he just wanted the drain unblocked, stating said that he has used O’Shea Plumbing many times before and was always happy with the service.

Lawrie and Max started clearing the sewer drain with a Ridgid cable machine, beginning from a D.T. at the rear corner of the house and then from a point located outside of the toilet. Due to the severity of the tree roots in the drain, the machine cable got stuck mid-job. 

Since O’Shea Plumbing has been in operation since 1978, they have plenty of experience with these types of issues. Lawrie travelled back to their factory/office to get the old, original Ridgid machine, that was stronger and more powerful than the standard machine carried on the vans. By using the older, stronger machine, the cables were quickly retrieved and the job completed.

To get the job done, Lawrie and Max used full-size 100mm cutters to run through the drains to completely clear the sewer drain and give Ross and his Mother the maximum time until the tree roots grow back and the job will need to be done again. 

Ross was very happy that all of the sewer drains were once again clear and running freely.