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O’Shea Plumbing help a client with a gas leak in St Kilda

Andrew arrived at Mr Gemmill’s home in St Kilda first thing on a Monday morning to cap off the gas supply to the ducted heating which was located in the roof. Andrew provided a quote to do so which included a gas pressure test on the existing gas supply pipes. Mr Gemmill approved the works and Andrew got straight to work.

The initial gas pressure test failed with a pressure drop suggesting that there is a gas leak somewhere on the gas system. Andrew notified Mr Gemmill and suggested that they wait before further discussions were had as it may be that the faulty ducted heater was allowing gas to pass through showing a pressure drop in the gas line. Unfortunately, it turns out this was not the case and the second pressure test after the works were completed also failed. Andrew notified Mr Gemmill of this and straight away.

Mr Gemmill was concerned that he needed a gas renewal, but Andrew suggested that he take a closer look at the existing gas fixtures like the Stove and Hot Water Unit to see if there was anything that he could see in his experience which may cause a gas leak.

Andrew found what we call a “butterfly valve” (a very old gas isolation valve) at the Hot Water Unit, which can often dry out and allow gas to leak from the valve. Andrew provided Mr Gemmill with a reduced quote to change the valve to a more modern one in an attempt to stop the gas leak. Mr Gemmill approved the new quote and said that he appreciated Andrew’s efforts to find the issue and provide a more affordable option to fix it, rather than immediately suggesting renewing the gas pipes.

Once this new valve was in place Andrew completed a third pressure test which was successful, meaning that this valve he replaced was in fact the cause of the leak. This affordable fix allowed Mr Gemmill to spend his money on other things which he would like as opposed to works around the home which he may not have accounted for. Great work Andrew!

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