When Sarah noticed smoke coming from her front yard, she immediately hit the panic button. The Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) was called out to a small fire on Sarah’s property, they were very timely and quickly stopped the fire from spreading. Unfortunately, the MFB had to disconnect and take away the property’s gas meter leaving Sarah and her family without gas. 

To remedy this, Sarah made contact with the O’Shea Plumbing Mt Waverley base and asked if a plumber could be sent out to pressure test, carry out checks and provide a certificate of compliance so that they could get a new gas meter organised.

Lawrie (O’Shea Plumbing owner) and Kevin (O’Shea Plumber) arrived the next morning and completed a gas pressure test on the gas supply pipes. This test is completed by using a manometer and watching to see if there are any gas leaks in the gas line. In this case, the test proved that there was a major gas leak. When a gas leak is found, it is a legal requirement that any plumber has to shut the gas off until the gas leak is found and fixed.

Lawrie and Kevin offered Sarah options to resolve the issue, ranging from a gas renewal to making an attempt to find and fix the aforementioned gas leak. Sarah decided that she would like to make an attempt to find and fix the leak as their house was being demolished in one months time.

Kevin and Lawrie went about finding the leak. Lawrie and Kevin went around to check the gas services on the property to see if these had any leaks. All the others proved to be safe and sound until they got to the Hot Water Unit (HWU). When Kevin went to the HWU he cut and capped the supply pipe for HWU and then completed the test which showed a very small leak that fell under the permissible pressure drop.

Lawrie and Kevin fixed the leak at the HWU and then Lawrie was able to complete a certificate of compliance on the spot to allow Sarah to get her gas company to supply and install a new gas meter.

Sarah and her family could once again enjoy cooking, heating and hot water for their last month in their family home until the new home was rebuilt.

If you suspect your property is experiencing a gas leak, contact the professional gas plumbers in Melbourne at O’Shea Plumbing. We will find and fix your gas leak issues fast so that you can get back to enjoying a safe and sound plumbing experience. O’Shea are the plumbers Melbourne can rely on. Call us for a fast quote today on (03) 9888 2887