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Water Hammer can be a very frustrating sound. Especially when your partner goes to the toilet and washes there hands and you wake up to a thundering or squelching sound.
In the middle of the night, the water pressure spikes, as no one is using water in the neighbourhood, which can affect the volume of the water hammer. Not only that but it can damage fixtures and void warranties on some water taps and appliances.The best option to attempt to stop water hammer is to install pressure control to the water mains and hot water unit.

When Andrew arrived to Evelyn’s house to look at some water hammer issue he gave options on installing a 500KPA pressure reduction valve at the meter and a cold water expansion valve on the hot water unit. Evelyn decided that she would wait and put up with the noise until her HWU failed as it was in her words “100 years old” it was actually more like 20-25years old which is getting on in HWU life span.

Andrew asked if Evelyn could get the water hammer to happen so he could here where it is occurring and try and come up with some other options. The kitchen mixer tap would make a large chunk noise once you turn it off and the shower would squealch when it was turning on and off. Andrew gave options to service the tap set and see if that would help.

Andrew serviced the shower tap set and replaced the plastic washer with a brass one, servicing the tap by changing o-rings, body washers, cleaning and repacking spindle with tap lube. Once the taps were put back together he tested the tap which drastically reduced the noise that this tap previously made.

Whilst Andrew was walking down the side of the house to the HWU he noticed that it looked like there was a flood that had occurred down the side of the house. Andrew questioned Evelyn who said that during the heavy rain over the weekend her and her husband noticed that water was pouring out from the bottom of the downpipe and flowing like a river into the backyard. They also mentioned that they had a plumber camera down the storm water drain only 10months ago and it was like brand new, with nothing obstructing the pipe.

Andrew noticed that there was lots of bird activity around there backyard and said that he could remove the downpipe and have a quick look at the square to round downpipe adapter, in case something had fallen down there. While it was open if there was nothing obvious Andrew provided a quote to use the cable machine to clear what ever was blocking the pipe.

Once the downpipe was removed there was a very wet, very stuck birds nest nestled into the square to round downpipe adapter. Andrew removed this and flushed water down the drain for 10mins, with no subsequent backing up as well as checking to see if this water was flowing into the storm water pit that Evelyn had installed a year ago. Gutter was put back on and clients were left very happy.

Evelyn was so happy with the service that she called the Mt Waverley office to thank O’Shea Plumbing for their prompt, professional and informative service.