Water Leak Hawthorn East

We assist a client who found water pooling on their Hawthorn East property

Gordon rang the Mt Waverley base of O’Shea Plumbing concerned about the water which was pooling along the side of the house. Gordon was able to determine that this was coming from the water supply pipe to the house as when the water meter was isolated the water stopped. Gordon asked O’Shea Plumbing if a plumber could please come and take a look.

Andrew (an O’Shea Plumber) arrived shortly after the call to find an older property, still with the original water pipes from the water meter to wherever it joined into the house. Gordan and Andrew had a good conversation about the options to solve this apparent water leak which were to; A) dig up the area to see if it would be possible to fix these sections of pipe, which comes with no guarantees as the pipe may be completed rusted and unable to attach a new section of pipe, as well as that if this can’t get fixed that day and the pipe was exposed it could turn from water pooling out of the ground to water spraying everywhere. Or option B) which included renewing the water pipe in which case O’Shea Plumbing could guarantee a fix.

Andrew provided a fixed price quote on both and allowed Gordon and his wife to discuss their options and choose an option that suited them. In the meantime, Gordon got another Plumbing company to provide a quote but ended up selecting O’Shea Plumbing over the other company.

Andrew arrived the next available day with Chris (another O’Shea Plumber) who got to work of lifting pavers and finding the existing points where the water entered the house. Andrew exposed these points and started working on the skeleton run (a water pipe clipped to the wall waiting to be connected to the water meter) which would allow the client to still have water if the job took longer than expected.

The skeleton run was completed by knock-off time, but instead of packing up to finish off the next day Andrew and Chris stayed back to finish off the job. By 5:30pm that very same day, the water was turned on and all appliances had been reconnected to the water supply.

Gordon was so happy with the work completed that he rang us the next day to express his joy and compliment the O’Shea Plumbing team (including the office staff who helped)! Great work team.

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