Water Leak Plumbing Wantirna South

Mr Zeng rang up O’Shea Plumbing (our Wantirna office in VIC) on a Sunday, to get some assistance regarding a water leak. This leak was occuring in the front yard of his property and was coming from under the grass. Our plumber Andrew arrived shortly after the call  at Mr Zeng and his wife’s home. 


Andrew began by explaining the process that his new clients could expect from O’Shea Plumbing. Once Mr Zeng approved works, Andrew went about attempting to locate the leak. He soon found that the water leak was not under the grass, but potentially under a concrete path or under the house. The water was tracking onto the grass where it could pool and sit.


Andrew squeezed under the house to see if he could see or hear any evidence of a water leak. This was in order to cover all bases. Once Andrew got to the area where he thought the leak could be, he realised he was now lying in a gigantic puddle of water. This indicated that a leak was occuring nearby. Unfortunately for Andrew he had not quite found the source of the leak itself. But he knew he was close!


Andrew was confident he was in the right area. However, he did not want to start cutting up his client’s nice concrete path or remove bricks from the house without any more evidence. Andrew proposed that he used specialised pipe and leak detection equipment to trace out where the water pipe ran. He also suggested connecting an air compressor to the water pipes and using a listening device in an attempt to get a more accurate location on the leak. This approach would minimise damage to the property.


Andrew came back the next day with the pipe location equipment and painted a good picture of where and how deep the water pipe ran, as well as an approximate area where the pipe was leaking. From here, he decided he needed to cut out a small section of the  concrete path to gain access to the water leak. Usually O’Shea Plumbing will try to bypass leaks so there is no need to cut up paths or driveways. But in this case the path ran all around the property. There was just no other option.


Once Andrew cut out concrete path he very quickly found the leak. He cut out that section and replaced it with new pipe. With the water was turned back on, he ensured all fixtures were checked. Mr Zeng and his wife were so happy with the result that they actually said they would never use another plumbing company again!