Sharon noticed some staining on her ceiling and was concerned as she watched it grow by the day. Sharon contacted Mandy from the Hawthorn O’Shea Plumbing office who organised a plumber to attend.

Cam, one of the roof plumber team members of O’Shea Plumbing arrived and found a large fault in the metal roof which was allowing water to enter and land in the ceiling space.

Cam took some photos of the damage for Sharon and advised he would organise repair options for review. Cam spent the next 45 minutes in his van writing options up for a short-term fix as well as a permanent solution.

Cam explained that both options included a free CCTV inspection of the stormwater drain to make sure there were no other issues affecting the roof.

Sharon spoke with her partner, and they decided that a permanent solution would suit them best as they intend to live in this house for a long time and do not want to worry about the roof every time it rains.

The works were accepted and booked in to start the next day, this included measuring and ordering the required materials and using the drain camera which ascertained there was a slight blockage that affected a different section of the roof.

Richard, who is one of the O’Shea Plumbing drain specialists came out that day and used a water jet to clear the blockage in the stormwater drain which fixed the issue.

Once the materials were ready for delivery, Natalie from the Hawthorn office contacted Sharon to book in a mutually convenient time to complete the roof works.



Adam, Shaun, Cam and Jett arrived the next day. They split into teams and started removing the spouting earmarked for replacement, whilst the other team started to remove sections of the old roof which had been re-designed to self-clear better than before.

Within three days the O’Shea Plumbing roofing team had completed the required works to a very high standard.

BEFORE                                                        AFTER


One of the benefits of this re design is the original roof had rainwater flow back towards the house to then fall into an undersized gutter system. As you can see in the pictures the angle of this roof changed which made the rainwater fall away from the house into an appropriate sized gutter system. It has rained heavily since (13/02/24) with no subsequent water entering the home.

Sharon was so pleased with the service from the O’Shea Plumbing team that she wrote a review on the internet which is as follows:

“Absolutely stoked with the work O’Shea Plumbing has done at my place. True quality, job well done from office to onsite, staff have been lovely.  Genuine, helpful, solution and client focused. My mind is at ease knowing attention to detail has been paid, ensuring the solution is complete to a high standard and guaranteed.  Thanks to Richard and Sean for solving my drainage issues, and Adam, Shaun, Cam and Jett for the roof!  I’m so grateful to Natalie, Mandy and staff in the office for being patient and understanding – and everyone for their impeccable customer service.  So, so grateful. It looks brilliant”

If you would like a visit from one of our friendly plumbers, please get in touch with the Oshea Plumbing office on 9888 2887 and speak with one of our friendly admin staff.

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