Water leaks can be anywhere from a minor drip to a flooded area/home and anything in between. At the end of the day, any leak is far from ideal. A leak could be a dripping tap that you can see/hear daily or an unknown until you receive your next water bill noticing it may be higher than expected.

Our plumbers are trained and specialise in leak detection and repair. There is a big difference in the way we approach each type of water leak and our plumbers are trained in identifying which option of investigation is required for each type of leak.

O’Shea Plumbing uses modern equipment to help locate a leak and have been trained on how to decipher the readings/findings of the tools used. Investigating a leak can minimise the damage to your home and make the repair quote more accurate. This could mean less destruction, fewer costs and better options for repair.

It is essential for any homeowner/tenant to know where their water isolation valve/s is/are and how to use them. Isolation valves are a great way of giving the client control back when a leak occurs.

Some water leaks may not cause much nuisance besides a higher water bill and water wastage, while others can cause significant issues to your entire home, leaks can be underground, in walls, roofs or under house slabs. Any water under pressure (like every water supply to every home) if left unattended can destabilise soil weakening the house supports. A potential sign that there is a leak may be some cracking in plaster or brick walls, this is caused by the stabilising soil being washed away resulting in the weight of the house not being supported and shifting. Other signs may be dark staining on walls (brick and plaster).

You may be able to hear the water in the wall or under the house. Your water bill is a good way of detecting if you have a leak, if there is a drastic rise in your bill it is possible there is a water leak that you do not know about. You may see your water meter ticking over without having any fixtures running or there may even be a large damp spot in your garden/grass.

If you have a leak either a dripping tap or water pooling, a large water bill or are even if you just want assurance that you do not have a leak please contact the O’Shea Plumbing Mt Waverley office on 9888 2887 and speak to one of the friendly office staff who can organise a trained professional to visit and chat about your concerns. An obligation-free quote will be given if it is something that we can help you with.