Plumber Balywn North

Chris from Mt Waverley has been a long-term client of O’Shea Plumbing, Chris and his wife were concerned about the sudden drop in their water pressure, where they went from a steady flow to a bit of a trickle. They knew who to call and contacted the Oshea Plumbing team. 

Duncan arrived onsite and upon inspection found that Chris had galvanised iron water pipes which were showing signs of weeping. When old pipes are in this condition there aren’t many options for repair, we may be able to fix a problematic section by installing new piping, it then transfers the stress and rust growing inside the water pipe further down the line and the client may end up with a patchwork quilt as their water supply, invariably this costs the client more than full replacement at the same time with a guaranteed result. 

Duncan had this conversation with the client who stated the pipes were original and they weren’t surprised that water leaks had occurred. Chris asked Duncan to write up an option for the renewal.

Chris later had a few questions and contacted Andrew in the office to follow up which he did and made sure the required notes for the plumbers on site were documented, (Andrew called the lead plumber Duncan to advise him of the additional notes and that these needed looking into). 

A day after the quote was sent and approved O’Shea Plumbing attended the site and commenced the works. Initially, the plumbers run what we call the skeleton out, essentially placing all the piping in the required locations without disconnecting the existing until all pipe work is in place. This allows the client to live their life whilst work is being completed with minimal interference i.e., without water. Once the skeleton run is in position the plumbers advised Chris and his wife that the water would be shut off for a short period. The plumbers disconnected the existing copper tails (where the fixture has a branch that connects to the main galvanised iron run) and joined onto these. 

Once all fixtures are reconnected the plumbers open the furthest back garden tap and turn the water meter back on. This flushes any silt or copper debris that makes its way into the pipe and exits at a safe location as opposed to getting stuck in a kitchen mixer tap. Once this is flushed all other taps get turned on to bleed the air from the pipe and to make sure that no fixture has been lost. 

Once all taps had been tested and the site cleaned to a point that you would not know we were there Duncan closed the job and made sure that the client was happy and answered any questions. 

If you feel that your water pressure has dropped it may be a blockage in the water supply or even a water leak. O’Shea Plumbing specialises in this aspect of plumbing so please contact one of the friendly O’Shea admin team on 9888 2887.