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Yes, gas leaks are a common occurrence. O’Shea Plumbing receives many calls to fix gas leaks. Most of them are for natural gas leaks. A number of them are for leaks at or near gas cookers and appliances. As the cookers are indoors the gas can more easily be smelt and detected quickly. 

Other leaks sometimes occur at the gas meter. If the leak is on the inlet pipe, regulator or the meter itself, then it’s the responsibility of the gas supply company to fix this and you can call the number on the top right-hand corner of your gas bill to get this fixed for free. 

Another common area where gas leaks occur is on old galvanised gas pipes. The worst of these are galvanised gas pipes that are lying on the ground under houses. The bottom of the pipe has contact with the damp wet soil and that is where the rapid corrosion occurs. Safe and newly installed pipes are typically installed away from the ground where potential damage can occur.

You can read a previous O’Shea case study where Lawrie (O’Shea owner) and Kevin (O’Shea Plumber) attended a gas leak on a rental property where the old galvanised gas pipes were badly rusted and lying on the ground under the house. Read the case study to find out how the plumbers solved the issue.

O’Shea Plumbing does find many leaks during installation works, as they always pressure test gas installations before and after every job to ensure that the installation is safe. A lot of clients are not aware that they have a gas leak at their house as natural gas is lighter than air, so the gas just dissipates and goes unnoticed. Professional plumbing companies always pressure test every job. 

Another big problem area for gas leaks is BBQ gas bottles. It is very important to test the connections with a soapy water mixture. The soapy mixture can be made up of a simple combination of dishwashing liquid and water. O’Shea Plumbing recommends that you use a paintbrush to apply the soapy water mixture. This allows the mixture to create a good lather with the soapy water that is the best to show up any leaks. The leaks will show in the form of soapy bubbling. Remember: Always check for leaks every time you change over a gas bottle.

Gas leaks can be dangerous for your household or your employees. In order to solve this issue, our gas fitting professionals are accredited in conducting gas system replacements, repairs, alterations, servicing and testing. We have access to the latest gas leak tracing technology, making your gas leaks are a thing of the past. Contact us today for a fast quote.

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