Oshea plumbing Mount Waverley

Mr D moved into a beautiful home in Chadstone but unfortunately found a lot of water was making its way under the house and spilling into the bottom room of their home causing extensive damage.

Mr D was fed up and decided he required the service of O’Shea Plumbing. Andrew (O’Shea Plumber) arrived shortly after the initial phone call and went about investigating the issue and how he could fix it.

Andrew found that there was a pit and pump set up under the house but when the float lifted up to initiate the pump to drain the pit, the float would get stuck in the off position and not engage meaning that the pit would fill and overflow into the next room causing the damage.

Andrew gave Mr D options to replace the pump and set it up so that it works 100% of the time. Andrew also wanted to try and stop the water coming under the house in the first place and have the pump set up work as a backup.

Andrew gave options to inspect and clear the blocked drain that was causing water to overflow and run under the house. Upon investigation, Andrew noticed that there was a small section of drain that did not look right. Andrew showed Mr D this and asked if he would like further options to dig this up and inspect. Once this was fixed, Andrew looked at the trench he was standing in and noticed the trench was starting to fill with water coming from higher up in the property.

Andrew quickly figured out that this water filling the trench was not to do with Mr D’s water pipe or stormwater drain and went about investigating by digging a series of holes at the high points of Mr D’s property. Low and behold, all the holes Andrew dug had started to fill with water which was coming under the ground from outside the property.

Andrew provided more options to Mr D to come back and install an agricultural drain in an attempt to pick up this water and get it going down a drain instead of finding its way underground until it reached and flooded the house.

Mr D wanted Andrew to do this, so Andrew went about organising material and an excavator to dig a deep trench to and install a slotted PVC  drain at the bottom. He then filled the trench with scoria. This allows the water to come in at any height (higher than the slotted drain) hit the scoria and work its way down the stormwater drain and off the property. All of this was completed in one day and cleaned up as if there hadn’t been a massive trench and excavator in the front yard. 

One week later Mr D called up the O’Shea Plumbing office and said that not one drop of water has entered under the house since Andrew had done the work and there was a lot of rain in that week. Mr D was so happy that he left a 5 star review on Google which read,

We have used O’Shea Plumbing over several years across two properties. The quality of their work has always been outstanding. A recent highlight was their drainage solution at my property which tackled a very difficult issue but delivered spectacular results. I was really impressed with Andrew’s work on this. We really appreciate all the work they have done for us over the years”.

Thank you Mr D and nice work Andrew! O’Shea are the plumbers Melbourne can rely on. For a fast quote and professional plumbing service contact the team at O’Shea Plumbing on (03) 9888 2887. We’ll Come Running!