Blocked Drain Plumbers Glen Iris

‘Karen’ from Glen Iris VIC called our O’Shea Plumbing main office requiring our services. She reached our plumber ‘Andrew’ in our main office in Mt Waverley VIC. She told him that her downstairs toilet was not flushing properly and that whenever her daughter flushed the upstairs toilet, water would fill the downstairs pan.


Andrew was finishing a job in Chadstone VIC when he received the initial phone call. Amazingly, he arrived at Karen’s place within just 20mins! Andrew inspected the problem in-depth and found that there was a blockage in the sewer. A cable machine would be required to fix this issue.


Once Karen accepted the quote, Andrew got to work on clearing the sewer on her property. Within 1.5hrs of the initial phone call, Andrew had cleared the blockage in Karen’s plumbing. He advised her that all work from O’Shea Plumbing comes with a ‘12-month-blockage-free-guarantee’. Best of all, Karen’s family could go back to living their lives without fear of toilet water flooding their house.


Andrew also assisted Karen in providing some prevention measures, in order to keep this type of problem from happening again. He also made some future plumbing recommendations (with absolutely no pressure for Karen to go ahead).


Karen was made aware that when the time comes to renovate their bathroom (they have plans to do this in December 2019) that it would be a good idea to renew the entire sewer (or at least sections of) as a part of the entire process. This is because their sewer currently features old earthenware pipe and less than ideal plumbing. The point to remember here? Good drains don’t block!