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O’Shea assist a client in Wantirna with an urgent sewer pipe blockage

Peter was having issues with sewerage overflowing into his backyard anytime a water fixture was used in his Wantirna home. Peter searched on the internet to find a local plumber and O’Shea Plumbing came up. After reading a few reviews online he decided to give O’Shea Plumbing a chance. Peter called the office and spoke with the office staff who organised a plumber to arrive on the same day.

A couple of hours after the initial phone call Loc (Luke) arrived and had a look at the issue, Loc explained to Peter how the O’Shea Plumbing service works and provided Peter with an obligation free quote to use the cable machine in the sewer drain in an attempt to cut the drain blockage up allowing the sewerage to flow freely through the drain.

Peter liked Loc’s plan and decided to proceed then and there giving Loc permission to start the clearing works right away. Before Loc got started he went around to all the gullies and inspection openings to try and find where the blockage was approximately located. This would allow Loc to use the minimum amount of cable down the drain, which would keep the price down for Peter.

On this occasion, the blockage was approximately 14m away from the closest inspection opening. Loc used a variety of cutters increasing the size of the cutter to eventually 100mm, which was the diameter of the sewer pipe, clearing any blockage in its path. Loc managed to cut out a clump of tree roots and continued past the blockage for two reasons; firstly, so Peter got the absolute value for what he has paid for (ie up to 18m of drain clearing) and secondly, to make sure that there was no secondary blockage further down the drain.

Loc spent time explaining what the process was and how he cleared the drain, ensuring that Peter was comfortable knowing what to expect and what to do if the blockage reoccurs.

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