Blocked Shower Drain

Sandra and her husband from Camberwell have used the services of O’Shea Plumbing on multiple occasions ranging from water leaks to stormwater drain renewal and tap leaks. On this occasion Sandra rang due to an issue with her toilet filling when flushed and sewerage coming up from their shower grate. Not a pleasant situation!

Andrew (O’Shea Plumber) arrived to find that they had a drain blockage had occurred due to tree roots growing in the drains. He quickly provided options to make an attempt to clear it. The client approved straight away and Andrew got to work immediately.

Andrew got the cable machine set up and worked hard feeding the cables down the sewer from an inspection opening outside behind the toilet. Much to Andrew’s delight, the cable machine managed to cut through the tree roots and unblock the drain easily. To guarantee his work and make sure the drain would be unlikely to block again anytime soon, Andrew upsized the cutters on the cable machine to allow for more of the tree roots to be cut giving the drain as much chance to stay clear for as long as possible.

We are confident in our ability to clear blocked drains, however, O’Shea also offers a 12-month warranty on sewer drain blockages that reoccur in the same spot. 

Once he finished clearing the drain, Andrew cleaned up his equipment and let Sandra and her husband know that their toilet would now flush normally and no more nasty sewerage would be coming out of their shower grate.

Once again Sandra and her husband ended up being very satisfied with the works completed by Andrew and O’Shea Plumbing and said “we will see you next time we have a plumbing issue!”. Another satisfied customer!

Curious to know more about blocked drain symptoms or perhaps where they most commonly occur in the home? Take a look at our blogs about blocked drains. If you are experiencing a drain blockage on your property, our team can be there fast to help you clear it! Call O’Shea Plumbing today on (03) 9888 2887 – The plumber Melbourne locals can rely on.