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Have your sinks and toilets been draining slowly? This could mean it’s time to have your drains checked for potential blockages and cleaned out. Below we discuss how and who cleans out drains.

Do Plumbers Clean Drains? The simple answer is yes, plumbers do clean drains. This generally occurs when the drains are blocked. The most common cause of blockages in Melbourne are tree roots because we are a city with a high number of trees. The tree roots get into the drains through very small cracks and then grow inside the drain. If the roots become too dense, this will create a drain blockage. The blockages may also occur because of broken drains or as a result of people putting cooking grease down the drain. O’Shea Plumbing recommends that you let the cooking grease solidify, wrap it in paper and put it out in the rubbish bin.

Drains can sometimes be cleared by the use of a plunger. You can purchase these from a regular hardware store. The use of chemicals is not recommended, as these can be hazardous, dangerous or sometimes ineffective. If the drain remains blocked, any chemicals that were put down the drain can also become hazardous to any plumber that may be required to remove the blockage.

Cable or water jet machines are good for cleaning drains, followed up by the use of a drain camera to view the inside of the drain. A Ridgid Navitrack is also a valuable piece of equipment to locate the position and depth of the drain camera head so that the position of any defect or break in the drain can be located prior to excavation and repair, or a reline of the drain is carried out.

Drain cleaning is not a DIY project and should not be attempted by the householders. O’Shea Plumbing highly recommends calling a blocked drain plumber in Melbourne to resolve the issue.

We have had instances where people have hired drain cleaning equipment only to have the cables and other parts of the equipment break or get jammed in the drain. The hire company has then informed the person that they are required to keep paying for the hire until the equipment is returned or pay for the replacement of the equipment. Besides the monetary cost, there are also safety risks involved with using the drain cleaning equipment. Plumbers are highly trained and experienced in how to operate drain cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

If you are experiencing a drain blockage please call on the Melbourne plumbing professionals at O’Shea Plumbing. Contact us today on (03) 9888 2887 for a fast quote.