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O’Shea assists Sharon with a blocked drain on her Mt Waverley property

On top of cleaning dishes, washing clothes and running a family, the last thing you need is for your laundry trough to start filling up with water and not draining. Unfortunately, Sharon from Mt Waverley experienced this, but she quickly jumped on the internet to find a local plumber to solve the problem. Sharon found O’Shea Plumbing and read a few online client reviews and decided that we were the company for her. She called the office in the morning and was told that a plumber could be there in two hours.

Andrew arrived shortly after the call. Upon investigation, he found that the blockage was not isolated solely to the laundry sink and there was a blockage in the main sewer run on the client’s property.

Andrew provided options to Sharon which included making an attempt to clear the blockage but also using a drain camera to inspect the quality of the drain and the remainder of the drain. Sharon chose the option that suited her best and Andrew got straight to work.

It did not take long for Andrew to lower the water level and get the camera down the drain. He quickly found that there was one section of the drain which was largely affected by tree root infiltration. Andrew also notified Sharon that she had a combined drain which means that the sewer also picks up the neighbours sewer exiting into a boundary trap in Sharon’s neighbour’s house.

Andrew showed the camera to Sharon and explained what would happen. Sharon asked for advice on how to fix it and Andrew sat down with Sharon to explain all of her options. As this is a combined drain, the bonus for Sharon was that the neighbours might pay half of the fix.

Andrew provided Sharon with more options for an extra thorough clean that would remove more roots and hopefully provide her with more time before the roots grow back again causing further blockages. Andrew also gave an option for a permanent solution by replacing the section of PVC sewer pipe which had an obvious hole in it allowing the tree roots to enter the drain. By frequently providing our clients with options on how they would like to fix the option, we provide full transparency on the work being completed and the associated costs. 

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