Plumber Dandenong North

Not too long ago, ‘Scott’ from Wantirna VIC called our O’Shea Plumbing main office in Mt Waverley VIC. The drains in Scott’s property were draining at a slow rate. There was also a lot of water constantly running. The toilets were filling up but only slowly draining away. 


Our plumber Andrew arrived the next morning and had a look at what was likely to be involved in clearing the problem. Andrew then provided Scott with multiple options in proceeding to clear the blocked sewer drain.


Andrew removed the cover/cap from the toilet back access bend. He found that it was filled with waste. Once Scott approved works, Andrew started using his cable machine and found another blockage about 15m down the drain. Andrew continued to clear the drain until the machine hit yet another blockage. However, this one proved difficult to clear. 


Andrew did not quit on that task and opened up the inspection shaft (where the blockage had moved to). He advised Scott to take several steps back. Andrew had a feeling that there was going to be a large overflow of sewerage. He was correct. 


Once all of the waste evacuated the drain, Andrew was able to continue using his cable machine. All of a sudden, there was a large sucking and gurgling sound and Scott and Andrew watched the entire contents of the drain flush away exactly as it was meant to. The sewer drain was completely clear! 


Andrew didn’t stop there. He grabbed a hose to clean up the work area. By the time he finished, Scott and his family would not even notice that there had been any issues. The toilet was in great working order and the bathroom spick and span. With the blocked sewer drain problem sorted, life could continue on without any plumbing dramas for Scott’s household.