Water Service Renewal


‘Tony’ and his wife have lived in Mt Waverley VIC for over 30 years. Over that time a lot has changed in Mt Waverley.  Many houses have been knocked down and turned into units, townhouses etc. This provides a good opportunity for property owners to upgrade things like sewer pipes, storm water gas and water pipes — to make sure that there are minimal issues in the future.

In this instance, Tony made the decision to call up O’Shea Plumbing. He reach our owner ‘Lawrie’ who was visiting our Bundoora Vic base. He sent ‘Andrew’ straight over to have a look at the poor water flow in the back of the house. Upon arrival, Andrew noticed that the water pipes were made of galvanised iron and buried in the ground. Once Andrew found the water pipe under the house it was ascertained that the rest of the water pipes were also made of galvanised iron and not in the best condition.

After investigating, Andrew started discussing options with Tony and his wife. The issue that Tony had was the fact that the galvanised iron pipes had started to rust — this material rusts from the inside out. What had happened was that a piece of rust had dislodged or blocked the pipe. The blockage was to such a high degree that there was minimal water flowing through the pipe feeding the water fixtures.

As they didn’t want any recurring issues to arise, Andrew and Tony decided that it would be best to renew the whole water pipe with copper. Even though there was no immediate need to get the job done, Andrew promptly ordered the required materials from ‘The Plumbers Coop” in Mitcham VIC and got started the very next day.

Andrew dug a trench from the water meter to under the house. He laid 20mm copper pipe and continued running the main run of the copper pipe, clipping it under the house every metre. He ensured the branches fed each fixture he ran but were not actually connected to the fixtures. The reasoning behind this? This approach meant the majority of the work was complete but it allowed for Tony and his wife to still access water off the old pipes overnight. 

The very next morning, Andrew arrived early and advised his clients that he would need to turn off the water to their house. Andrew was now at the stage where we would need to connect the new pipe to each fixture. By lunchtime Andrew had finished the work and went about testing all the fixtures contained within the property.

Of course, Andrew made sure that all of the landscaping was tidied up. Some sections of lawn had been carefully removed in the course of the work — these were all replaced. Tony and his wife were amazed at how much water was coming out of the taps in the back half of their house. At O’Shea plumbing we are certainly very passionate about providing proactive plumbing solutions, and this is just one example!