Plumber Armadale

‘Ali’ hails from Armadale, VIC. After hosting a party on a Saturday night, one of her guests decided to lend a hand and help Ali clean up. Unfortunately, this guest decided to fill Ali’s sink with food scraps, which were then pushed down the Insinkerator. These units do not like to be overloaded and this incident blocked her sink.


Ali got a few quotes from different plumbers. These plumbers opted to go straight to using a small cable machine to clear the sink (the most obvious choice to clear the blockage). Ali also reached out to our team at O’Shea Plumbing. Our plumber ‘Andrew’ (from our Mount Waverley VIC office) arrived on site the following Friday morning. He provided some options in approaches to clear the blockage.


One of these options was also to use the small cable machine, but he made sure to give Ali a secondary solution. This was to use a hand plunger (this is much cheaper than using a cable machine). Ali agreed to this course of action. Very quickly, Andrew unblocked the sink. He ensured that is was fully cleared by running water down the drain for approximately 10 minutes. Good news, there was no subsequent backing up!


Whilst Andrew was looking under the sink, he noticed that there was a large amount of water pooling in the cupboard. This was damaging the timber. Andrew asked if Ali had noticed this before. This prompted her memory and she recalled that her veggie spray mixer tap hose had split. However, she didn’t quite realise just how much water was going under her sink! Ali asked Andrew for a suggested solution to fix/replace the tap.


Andrew went out to his van and brought in the sink mixer taps that he had on board. Ali fell in love with the ‘Gooseneck’ mixer tap. She wanted one without even needing to know the price. Which is funny, as the tap is a actually a major hit with Andrew himself. After installing his first ‘Gooseneck’ mixer, Andrew had also been quite taken with its excellent form and function. He went ahead and purchased his own and installed it in his house that very same night!


Andrew completed the install on Ali’s new mixer, sourced from ‘The Plumbers Supplies Coop’ in Mitcham VIC. He made sure to check the water pressure and temperature. It’s important to make sure the value of these aren’t too high, as extremes can damage mixer tap cartridges and washers in taps. Plus, high water pressure and temperature may also result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Thanks to Andrew, this was now controlled to sit perfectly in the ideal range.


Ali was very happy with the thoroughness of the work completed and the knowledgeable advice that came alongside it. She has reviewed our business very favorably online, and the team at O’Shea Plumbing is very grateful for her valued feedback.