plumber ashwood

‘Josh’ and his partner are a young couple who are very proud owners of a brand new property. They own a unit in Ashwood, VIC. They had been enjoying the freedom of their new residence, putting up artwork on the walls and they even got a dog without requiring permission. That was until their sewerage started to overflow into their front garden, spilling onto the driveway and overflowing onto the footpath.


That’s when they called the O’Shea Plumbing office in Mount Waverley, VIC. Josh reached our plumber ‘Andrew’. Andrew sympathised greatly with the urgency of the situation and provided a prompt investigation on site. He provided Josh and his partner with some options in fixing the problem. The most salient being to completely clear the drain.


INSIDER NOTE: Clearing a drain is not to be confused with unblocking it – which only partially clears the drain. Clearing a drain is obviously a far superior solution, but one that requires more expertise and care. O’Shea Plumbing believes in doing things properly, or not at all.


Andrew then went outside to give Josh and his partner some privacy to discuss if they wanted to go ahead with the works. Once he was given the go-ahead, he set up the ‘drain snake’ and got down to business. Very quickly, Andrew hit the blockage and cut his way through it. All of the sewerage emptied down the drain. Andrew had successfully unblocked the drain, fully and entirely clearing it of obstructions!


Following this, Andrew moved the ‘spearhead cutter’ and upsized it to a 75mm cutter, slowly clearing the pipe of the tree roots. Andrew then upsized the cutter once again. This time to 100mm, which was the size of the pipe.


INSIDER NOTE: Upsizing the cutters is not common practice in the maintenance industry as it is double to triple the work required to perform. If a company were to choose not to upsize the cutters, more than likely they are going to get more work from the same client sooner as the tree roots will grow back quicker (as they are already in the pipe and will grow back with vengeance).


This is just one example of O’Shea Plumbing’s expertise. The friendly and skilled team can also give options to replace, renew or reline drain if this is the client’s preferred option). The benefits of such things as clearing drains and upsizing cutters is what sets O’Shea Plumbing apart from the bulk of the competition. They are about solving plumbing problems for the sake of longevity and care about their client’s quality of life. That’s for now, and far into the future.