Plumber Bulleen

Peta from Blackburn noticed she could smell something a bit like sewerage while standing on her back deck. After some sniffing around, Peta and her husband thought it might have been coming from under the deck and rang O’Shea Plumbing in Mount Waverley to send someone to investigate. 

Jeremy (O’Shea plumber) arrived later that day and started by looking around the area for signs of a potential drain blockage. Peta mentioned that she had not noticed any drains in the house running slowly and the overflow relief gully near the back deck appeared to be unblocked. Jeremy decided the next thing to do would be to crawl under the deck to see if anything was obviously wrong.

Once Jeremy reached the area under the deck where the smell was coming from, he found a 100mm drain pipe going into the ground with a cap on the backside of a bend. Loosening the cap slightly caused some water to start dripping out, indicating to Jeremy that the entire pipe was blocked and full of water. Upon further investigation, Jeremy found that this drain only ran to the upstairs bathroom which would be why nothing in the house was draining slowly. Due to the tight space under the deck, Jeremy was unable to use the drain clearing machine safely and told Peta that he would need to use a high powered water jet in order to clear the blockage safely. 

The following day Jeremy and Jarett (another O’Shea plumber) brought the trailer-mounted high-powered water jet to clear the drain blockage. Jeremy crawled back under the deck to feed the hose into the blocked pipe, and Jarett was able to operate the water jet from above the deck. After a few minutes of jetting, the blocked drain was successfully cleared. Jeremy and Jarett then used a drain camera to ensure the pipe was completely cleared of any remaining debris. 

Peta and her family were very happy to no longer have to deal with a sewer smell in their back yard.

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