Plumber Bulleen

O’Shea help a client in Bulleen with a range of plumbing issues

Carrol lives in her Bulleen family home which is quite dated. It is a beautiful home but, unfortunately, the plumbing is starting to become old and faulty. Carrol was concerned about who she could trust to have over as it has been years since she needed a tradesperson.

Carrol called the Mt Waverley office of O’Shea Plumbing stating that she was worried about a few general plumbing problems around the house and would like an experienced plumber to listen to her concerns and have a chat with her about potential issues and options to rectify them.

Andrew was greeted on-site by Carrol, as she was a new client he introduced himself and O’Shea Plumbing. Andrew explained how the O’Shea Plumbing service works and listened to what Carrol was wanting.

The first issue was a water leak in the shower, the second was a rust spot in a box gutter, but her main concern was that during heavy rains the stormwater drain would overflow at her driveway and flood her carport.

Andrew provided Carrol with options to investigate the shower leak, replace the badly rusted section of flashing (cover over timber) as well as put a protective paint over the remainder of the gutter. Andrew also provided Carol with options to either use a cable machine or water jet to clear the blockage in the stormwater drain and explained the pros and cons of each.

Carol approved the works and asked if they could proceed ASAP. As soon as the flashing came into the office, Andrew and Loc (Luke, another O’Shea Plumber) went to Carol’s property to complete the required works. Andrew looked after the shower leak and roof works, while Loc used the water jet to clear the stormwater drain.

Loc used the drain camera first to get a look at the drain before works and found that there were multiple sections where tree roots had infiltrated the drainpipe, as well as a large volume of sludge (broken down leaf matter, dirt and water) sitting in the drain. Loc then worked the water jet back and forth blasting the tree roots and sludge into nothing, when all of a sudden the water (which had started filling the grate drain) started to dissipate.

Loc put the camera back down the drain to investigate his work to find that the existing stormwater drain had no more roots in it and minimal sludge – the drain blockage was cleared! To ensure a thorough drain cleaning, Loc put the camera all the way down from the furthest point to the legal point of discharge. O’Shea Plumbing now had the knowledge that there is no more obstructions in the stormwater drain and that they had provided Carrol with very good service. Great work team!

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