Plumber Dandenong

‘Fiona’ owns a beautiful two-story unit in Dandenong VIC. She called the O’Shea Plumbing central office in Mount Waverley VIC to get some help with her blocked drain, that was  affecting the  ensuite and shower (all other fixtures were draining as normal).


‘Andrew’ (one of our plumbers here at O’Shea) arrived and assessed the issue. He provided Fiona with some solutions – with the aim to clear the blockage. Of course, it would be best to try to use a plunger before instigating more extensive plumbing. However, Andrew gave Fiona full disclosure of what would be required if plunging was to fail.


Andrew proceeding with attempting to clear the blockage in this manner. Unfortunately, it did not work. As all the pipes were behind walls, went downstairs and then under a slab, there was nowhere immediate that Andrew could use the cable machine. Andrew provided Fiona with another option. That would be to remove the blocked toilet system and then to use a cable machine down the ‘soil pipe’.


Once the toilet was removed Andrew covered the tiled floor and surrounding carpeted area with drop sheets. This was in order to provide a workspace that was as damage-proof as possible.


Andrew used the cable machine and managed to clear the blocked drain. Subsequently, he tested that it was cleared by running water down the soil pipe for about ten minutes. There was no further ‘backing up’. He was then able to remove the cable machine and install Fiona’s toilet firmly back into place.


Fiona was so happy with the service that she rang Mr. O’Shea (who was working in our Bundoora VIC office at the time). She said “Andrew was very clear and explained the whole situation to me. I am very happy with the service he provided and will be recommending O’Shea Plumbing to my friends”. That’s exactly the kind of feedback that the team at O’Shea Plumbing loves to hear!