Plumber Endeavor Hills

‘Walter’ is an elderly gentleman who lives with his wife in Endeavor Hills, VIC. He has contacted our O’Shea Plumbing office (at our Mount Waverley HQ) a couple of times in the past. The first instance was for assistance with a sewer blockage, and the other for a tap install. He called up at about lunchtime after his wife has noticed that there is a leak under the kitchen sink (not the tap O’Shea Plumbing installed).


Andrew received notification from the Mt Waverley VIC office regarding Walter’s issue and had just finished up installing a toilet in Glen Waverley VIC. Andrew quickly rang Walter to see if he was home (as Andrew figured he could squeeze in a visit to Walter’s property before his next job).


Upon arrival, Walter told Andrew that he was concerned that he would need a new tap set and was worried that he could not afford it. If this were to be the case, he and his wife would have to put up with a dripping tap for a couple of weeks!


Andrew quickly diagnosed the issue. He offered Walter another option in performing a tap service. Walter was under the impression that a service is just changing the washer between the spindle and breach. O’Shea Plumbing offers a much more comprehensive tap service than what is typically provided by competitors.


A Tap Service from O’Shea Plumbing includes:


  • changing washer using a brass washer
  • changing body washer
  • changing o-rings
  • clean and repack spindle with high-quality tap lube
  • check and reseat tap, if required
  • measure water pressure and temperature


Needless to say, Walter was grateful that Andrew offered alternative solutions. This included solutions other than replacements to parts. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common trend in today’s disposable society, ie. to source a new one without even trying to fix the old one.


Andrew left Walter with a drip-free kitchen sink tap, with the spindle being able to be turned on with more ease than before. This is exactly the kind of cost-effective and practical outcome that we set out to achieve for our clients at O’Shea Plumbing.