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We recently completed a drain replacement job for a client named Spiro based in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. He was struggling with a blocked sewerage drain that he had already attempted to fix, unsuccessfully. Spiro had gotten Yarra Valley Water to come check out the problem, but their efforts did not provide the results Spiro needed. They said the blockage was in the property drain and did not offer further solutions.

Spiro then decided to contact a plumber in Mount Waverley instead. He reached out to the O’Shea Plumbing team to come clear the blocked drain. We investigated the situation using a drain camera and location equipment that could track the camera head. Upon inspection, we found that the sewerage drain was broken and needed to be repaired.

We provided Spiro with quotes for the necessary plumbing work, which Spiro accepted. This included replacement of several sections of sewerage along with additional replacement of stormwater drains.

Plumbers in Mount Waverley (Greater  Melbourne region from relevant sewerage authority) must obtain consent and sewer plans from Yarra Valley Water before completing such work. We helped obtain these permits along with information and plans from Dial Before You Dig (another requirement for Melbourne plumbers). Our plumbers also booked inspections at Spiro’s Mount Waverley property with the Victorian Building Authority.

The plumbing project itself involved removing excavated soil from the site and backfilling the excavation with crushed rocks for sections of the drain that were underneath the pavement. Finally, our plumbing team supplied and lodged a Certificate of Compliance, which guarantees that services completed by any plumbers in Mount Waverley and surrounding areas adhere to relevant codes and regulations.

We are pleased to say that Spiro was very satisfied with our services once it was all said and done. He wrote us a raving 5/5 star review on Product Review, claiming that we provided “quality service and exceptional value for money”.


More satisfied O’Shea Plumbing customers in Mount Waverley

Cathy has lived in Mount Waverley all her life or there about. Throughout the years she has seen the O’Shea Plumbing office and vans around the streets of her area and thought that she would use O’Shea Plumbing the next time she needed a plumber in Mount Waverley.

Throughout the years since she first called us, Cathy has relied on the services of O’Shea Plumbing from heater and tap issues to hot water unit issues.

On this occasion, Cathy rang up stating that her pilot light on her hot water unit was off and that she could not get it to go back on. Jarrett, who is a long time team member of O’Shea Plumbing, hung up the phone and was knocking on Cathy’s door within 10 minutes.

Jarrett assessed the situation, noting that her hot water unit was over 25 years old and had well and truely served its purpose. While giving Cathy her options to solve the problem, Jarrett was transparent and mentioned that O’Shea Plumbing could attempt to service the unit, but at the age the unit was he could not guarantee that the Hot Water Unit would last too much longer.

In this case, it was a much better idea for Cathy to put the money that it would cost to service the unit into a brand new unit with the manufacturer’s cylinder warranty, as well as knowing that all the internal components are new and she will not have to worry about re-lighting her old unit regularly.

Jarrett and Cathy agreed that O’Shea Plumbing should install a new hot water unit. Jarrett organised delivery of the new unit from the Plumbers Co-op in Mitcham.

Andrew and Dani arrived a short time after and went about installing the new hot water unit, performing all relevant gas tests to ensure that there were no gas leaks and commissioning the unit in accordance with the current regulations.

Cathy was over the moon that she did not have to wait more than a day without hot water especially as the weather was cold, windy and wet – so a hot shower in the evening would have been very welcoming. Well done team!

Searching for Plumers in Mount Waverley? So was Garry!

Garry purchased a beautiful home in Mt Waverley and was in the process of unpacking belongings when his new home’s plumbing took a turn for the worst. Unfortunately for Garry, the sewer system had became blocked and was causing waste to overflow into his new backyard. The blocked drain was also causing the toilets and other drains around the house to drain very slowly.

Garry was unsure of who to contact as he had moved to Mt Waverley from Canada meaning that he had not needed the services of any trade yet. After already having trouble reaching two other Mt Waverley plumbers, Garry decided to search online for plumbers in Mt Waverley and read some of the O’Shea Plumbing reviews that had been left by customers on the internet.

After reading numerous positive reviews, Garry decided that O’Shea was his top choice. Garry phoned the O’Shea Plumbing  Mt Waverley office, Chelsea (O’Shea Plumbing team member) answered and organised Andrew (O’Shea Plumber) to head to Garry’s house once he finished at his last job.

Andrew arrived shortly after and provided Garry with a quote to use the sewer cable machine so Garry knew the approximate costs. Andrew gladly accepted the quote. Andrew took a look around all of the drains which were connected to the sewer system to find the closest spot to the blockage to use the cable machine. Doing this meant that 1.) Andrew would not have to work as hard to push the cable as far down the drain and 2.) it would mean that Andrew could do a better job at clearing any blockages and keep Garry’s costs down to a minimum.

Within 4 hours of the initial phone call to O’Shea’s Mt Waverley plumbing office, Andrew had cleared Garry’s drain blockage meaning his systems would be back to running normally. O’Shea offers a 12 month warranty on sewer drain blockages that reoccur in the same spot, so Garry a one-year blockage guarantee if a blockage occurred within the cleared section of drain.

Garry was so happy with the job, he decided to leave us a 5-star review. See below!


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