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O’Shea Plumbing assists a client with a blocked sewer drain in Mt Waverley

Mary and her family have taken up residency at her father’s home in Mt Waverley and called us on a Friday night stating that her toilet was slowly draining and they required a plumber to come out ASAP. The O’Shea Plumbing office organised the plumber on-call for that weekend to attend their house on the second job of the morning.

Andrew (an O’Shea Plumber) arrived onsite at about 10am to find that there was a sewer blockage that was affecting the whole plumbing system. The blind side of the house where the ducted heater, HWU and all sewers are located had a very large volume of sewerage which overflowed from the ORG (Overflow Relief Gully).

This is very common with sewer blockages and is what is meant to happen when there is a blockage on the sewer line, it is much better for the sewage to overflow outside than to come back and overflow indoors into the shower or toilet.

Andrew treated this as a standard blockage which he deals with multiple times a week. Andrew presented the sewer blockage quote which was approved immediately and got to work straight away.

It became apparent that this was not any normal blockage and Andrew was sure he needed a different tool to clear it. Andrew tried a couple of more tricks to get it to clear but to no success.

Andrew went spoke to the client and stated that he feels he needs to use the water jet in an attempt to clear the drain. Mary was not overly pleased with this but understood why Andrew wanted to go down the water jet road. Andrew negotiated with the client and said that the water jet price included the use of cable machines where required and was only 2mins from the office. Andrew told them he would not charge extra for the works already approved and done which made Mary much happier.

Andrew picked up the jet and got to work. It wasn’t long until the client and Andrew started noticing sewerage start to flow through into the sewer mains. Before they knew it there was a barrage of toilet paper, and sewage that came screaming through the drain and into the mains.

It was thought that their father had a sewer blockage before moving in and the sewerage which was sitting in the drain dried out and became hard not allowing the sewer to run. Tests were completed to make sure that this had been cleared and it all looked fine again.

All of this happened within 17hrs of the initial phone call and needless to say the clients were happy that the sewer was back in good working order. Nice work Andrew!

Got a blocked sewer drain?

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