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Have you had to call a plumber to your property to fix an issue with your drains? Like you, many clients call up with drain blockages or old drains breaking which they need repaired urgently by a plumber in Melbourne.

O’Shea plumbing have dealt with plenty of drain related incidents. In many cases, we offer a few solutions for the client to pick from to resolve their drain problem. One of the longer-term solutions that we sometimes offer clients is to have their drain relined.

Relining a drain or sewer pipe involves the insertion of a sewer pipe liner into the drain. The sewer liner then fixes itself to the surroundings of the existing drain permanently, relining the drain pipe from within – no digging required.

It can be difficult to make an immediate decision about how to fix your drain, but your plumbing professional will be able to help you make an informed decision. To help you further, we’ve compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks of relining your drain.

Benefits of Relining Drains

  • Causes less disturbance to the landscape, paving, foundations, etc. of your property as there is no digging required
  • Relining is a great option when the drain is under or close to the foundation of a building or a large tree, as there will be no risk of damage to the building or the tree roots. A regular replacement of the drain may disturb these and make the structure or tree unstable
  • Smart choice when the drain is located underneath paving, as there are no (or reduced) paving restoration costs
  • Can be cost-effective when compared to other solutions
  • Is often the smarter solution that prevents further damage or deterioration of your pipes. 

Drawbacks of Relining Drains

  • If the drain is badly broken, is out of alignment, or has an incorrect or negative gradient then relining will not correct these issues. Only a replacement of the drain will solve this
  • Some drains are better off being completely renewed, that includes the replacement of all junctions, D.G’s, the B.T, and other drains. O’Shea Plumbing has seen competitors reline quotes which only specified relining of the main run drain, where O’Shea Plumbing gave a quote for the same job to replace all the main run drains including the junctions, D.T.’s, etc. O’Shea Plumbing provided a high-quality job at a lower price than our competitors.

If you choose O’Shea Plumbing as your blocked drain plumber in Melbourne we will give you options to solve your drain blockage or drain issue, including:

  • Attempting to clear all the roots from the drain
  • Attempting to clear all the roots from the drain and use RootX to inhibit the root regrowth 
  • Relining all or some of the drain 
  • To excavate and replace all or some sections of the drain

We give you solution options to pick from, and when discussing your options we will always maintain full disclosure about the prices and fee structure associated with each. If you need a plumber in Melbourne, contact the plumbing professionals at O’Shea Plumbing. Call us on (03) 9888 2887