Plumber Lilydale

Ric in Bentleigh had been living with a leaky kitchen tap for quite some time, and finally decided it was time to get it fixed. Ric called O’Shea Plumbing in Mount Waverley to send someone out to provide some recommendations on what to do.

O’Shea plumber Jeremy arrived the next morning to take a look at the leaking tap in the kitchen. Jeremy told Ric that he could stop the leak by servicing the tap set or replacing it. Ric decided to get it replaced with a more modern mixer tap since the original tap set was quite outdated. Ric also told Jeremy that the cold water tap on the bathroom sink had been stuck shut for a while, and Jeremy recommended servicing the tap set to fix that issue as well.

While onsite, Jeremy also checked Ric’s water pressure and found that it was over 700 Kpa. Jeremy recommended that the pressure control installed on the water meter be set at 500 Kpa, as well as installing a cold water expansion valve on Ric’s hot water storage unit to relieve unnecessary pressure exerted on Ric’s plumbing. Jeremy also recommended changing the hot water unit’s Pressure and Temperature Relief (PTR) valve as it was the original valve that came with the unit, and it is recommended to change PTR valves every five years. 

Ric thought that all of Jeremy’s recommendations were fantastic and decided to get everything done at once so that he and his family could have peace of mind in regards to any potential plumbing issues. In just a couple of hours, Jeremy had replaced the kitchen mixer, serviced the bathroom tap set, and installed the pressure control valves and PTR valve, leaving  Ric with no more leaks and no more plumbing problems. Another job well done and another happy customer!

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Whether it’s a basic repair to supply and installation of major appliances or hot water systems, we’ll get it done to meet top standards. For a reliable plumber Bentleigh locals can rely on to provide you with reliable, prompt and affordable plumbing services, call us today on (03) 9888 2887.