Plumbing issues can happen to anyone and at any time. It can often be quite difficult to identify and plumbing issues if you don’t know what to out for.


So, in order to make it easier for you to identify a major plumbing issue as well as avoid a costly emergency plumbing fee, here are 5 tell-tail signs that something is seriously wrong with your plumbing.


Dripping Faucets

Faucets often drip from time to time, especially when it’s not been correctly turned all the way off. However, if you notice that your faucet is leaking even when it has been properly turned off this could be a sign of some major plumbing issues. Not only are dripping faucets terribly annoying to listen to, they could also be contributing to an expensive water bill. So if one of your faucets is currently leaking be sure to call a plumber immediately to identify what the problem is.


A Clogged Drain

A blocked drain is usually pretty easy to deal with. Either using a plunger or a bottle of drain cleaner, both of which can usually be purchased in most supermarkets, more often than not solves the problem. But if you start to notice that there is a foul smell coming from your drain, or that there is a blockage that you are unable to unblock yourself it may be time to call in the professionals.


Low Water Pressure

Have you ever been in the shower and the pressure suddenly changes as soon as someone runs a tap or turns on the dishwasher? It can be terribly annoying and frustrating – even more so than a leaky faucet! However, low water pressure can also be a sign that there is a leak. Many plumbers are able to check your water pressure and check for faults or leaks.


A Running Toilet

A toilet that constantly runs or runs for a substantial amount of time after being flushed could be significantly increasing your water bills. Not only that a running toilet is often a telltale sign that the inner workings are due to be replaced.


Smells and Stains

Funny smells and stains on the ceiling directly underneath your bathroom, or in fact any of the surrounding walls, could be a sign of serious plumbing issues. If you notice any strange stains it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from your plumber before attempting to deal with the issue yourself. Stains on the wall could be a sign that there is a leak and leaks, if left untreated, can cause serious damage to the foundations of your home.


Hopefully, the above warning signs will make it easier for you to identify any plumbing issues before they get out of hand. For those that need some additional assistance, contact O’Shea Plumbing today!