Oshea plumbing Mount Waverley

Angelo rang up O’Shea Plumbing concerned about the rising dampness occurring around his house, leaving a powdery white residue. Jarett and Andrew (O’Shea Plumbers) arrived at 8:00 am on the dot and listened to Angelo explain his concerns, thoughts and previous works that had happened around the property.

Jarett explained how the O’Shea Plumbing service system works and alleviated any stress that Angelo and his wife may have. Andrew and Jarett had a look around the house to see if there were any obvious plumbing issues.

After some investigation, it looked like there could have been a potential issue with the stormwater drain as there was water pooling in sections of the pipe that had inspection openings. Jarett also asked if there was anything else concerning Angelo plumbing wise that he would like them to look at, turns out there was.

Jarett went back to his van and started writing up a quote for various plumbing jobs including using the drain camera to investigate the entire stormwater drain, as well as fixing the toilet, basin and tap issues that Angelo had brought to his attention. Once this was typed up Jarett went in and offered the options to the client. Angelo decided which options he wanted completed and approved works to be started the next day.

Andrew arrived the next day with the drain camera and went about investigating the stormwater drain that had been causing the dampness in Angelo’s home. He found a couple of issues with dips in the pipe which were holding water and potentially slowing down the flow of the drains. Andrew also found that there was one downpipe which had its own drain and entered into the gutter in a secondary place. This drain was badly blocked and had cracks all throughout the pipe.

Andrew gave options to Angelo to fix the issue ranging from making an attempt to clear the drain to replacement. Being so close to Christmas, Angelo wanted to try and fix it in the knowledge that the drain was in a poor state and needed to be repaired but was hoping to do this in 2021 when he landscaped his front yard.

Rather than replacing it during this visit, Andrew went about clearing the drain and managed to clear most of the drain blockages (the pipe was not in a good state but did allow water to drain through it) out to the street. Andrew also showed Angelo just how bad condition the stormwater drain was in with a drain camera.

Angelo and his family were very happy with the service that O’Shea Plumbing provided as they improved (not 100% fixed) the stormwater drain issue but also fixed the annoying sound coming from a certain tap, fixed a broken toilet and fixed a broken plug and washer, all of which were driving them crazy but just hadn’t got around to fixing. We’re the plumbers Melbourne can rely on!

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