Blocked Drain Services

Recently, O’Shea Plumbing were very happy to assist Stan and his wife, who hail from Bentleigh VIC. As a retired couple, they renovated their bathroom many years ago. Unfortunately, issues were found to eventually arise from their efforts to improve their home – as the plumber responsible at the time had simply raised the shower base and connected the waste directly over the top of the old one – without bothering to even remove the grate!

Undoubtedly, this plumber performed a terrible disservice to Stan (and his spouse). Over the years obstructions were merely ‘poked down’ past both grates, which naturally lead to a very blocked drain. Luckily, a Melbourne plumber from our experienced team at O’Shea was able to address the problem with a home visit. The plumber first unblocked the drain, then proceeded to propose options to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Through successful identification of the issue and alongside practical expertise, O’Shea Plumbing (as a tried and trusted plumber in Bentleigh) were able to provide peace-of-mind and a reliable service. Due to this, Stan and his wife will now only call our team to the exclusion of all others when they encounter any plumbing problems in their house. We were pleased to have them report that they found up to be “honest, fair, punctual and to do a job to a high standard”.

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