Mrs Mac from Blackburn South

Mrs Mac from Blackburn South found one day that her gas space heater had stopped working. As she had used O’Shea Plumbing in the past for her plumbing needs and had been very happy with the work done on those occasions, she decided to ring them again. This time, she spoke to Jarett, the Service Manager, who arranged to call out the next day, check what was going on and give her a fixed price quote and options to repair the heater. Upon investigation, Jarett discovered that the gas space heater was very old. Although he recommended she replace the unit with a new, more efficient one, he still gave options to service and carry out a carbon monoxide test on the old heater. He gave Mrs Mac an option to replace the heater with a highly efficient and very safe room sealed Rinnai Energy Saver heater. The benefits of these heaters (besides being highly efficient) is that they are room sealed, meaning that all the air for combustion is brought in from outside, and the products of combustion are exhausted to the outside. Mrs Mac decided to proceed with the installation of a new heater. Jarett went ahead and ordered the heater from the Plumbers Supplies Co-op in Mitcham. Once the heater was delivered, he met Adam (one of O’Shea’s senior plumbers) on site. The first thing that they did – as is what O’Shea Plumbing always do on gas installation work – was to pressure test the gas installation from the gas meter for gas leaks. Adam proceeded with the installation of the new gas heater, conducting another gas pressure test and the commissioning of the heater, to ensure that the heater was operating according to manufacturers specifications. Within a few hours, the new heater was completely installed. Mrs Mac was delighted with her new gas heater installation. Although it was summertime, we all know that there are some cool nights in Melbourne when people – especially older folks – need to turn on the heater. O’Shea Plumbing provides the most professional and expedient gas repairs and services Melbourne residents could ask for, call us today on (03) 9888 2887. We’ll come running!

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Andrew from Vermont

O’Shea Plumbing has completed quite a number of jobs for Andrew from Vermont over the years. Included in these jobs was the supply and installation of Caroma toilet suites, installation of tap sets, the replacement of a hot water heater and the installation of a vanity unit that Andrew had selected and supplied. Andrew is one of many loyal clients of O’Shea Plumbing, who value the quality work and reliable service that this company delivers. Things like; always turning up on time, doing exactly what was detailed in the quote, and fixed price quotes so the client can relax in the knowledge that they won’t be charged any more than the total amount of the quote that they approved. Clients such as Andrew also rest assured in the knowledge that O’Shea Plumbing check and guarantee all of their work, for example, all gas installation work will be pressure tested before, during and after each job to ensure that there are no gas leaks. Andrew recently rang our office again. He has purchased another vanity unit that he would like installed by the plumbing professionals that he trusts – O’Shea Plumbing. For more of our loyal clients’ plumbing stories, check out the case studies on the O’Shea Plumbing blog. Contact O’Shea Plumbing today to get a fixed quote for your plumbing needs. For peace of mind and 100% satisfaction guarantee call us today on (03) 9888 2887.

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Blocked Sewer Drain Mount Waverley

‘Frank’ from Mount Waverley rang the O’Shea Plumbing office, as his toilets were blocked and the water was not flushing properly. Lawrie and Max (Plumber and Apprentice) made their way to Frank’s property to conduct an inspection. After assessing the situation and checking the extent of the blockage they found that all the fixtures were blocked.  Lawrie and Max began making some calls in order to get some solutions for the problem. A copy of the sewerage plan and a phone call to Yarra Valley Water confirmed the location of the connection point to the Yarra Valley main sewer. Lawrie and Max discovered that Frank’s drain was combined with their next-door neighbour’s and the connection point was located on the neighbour’s property. A quick visit next-door revealed the neighbours were not home, and a note was left on their door to contact Frank and O’Shea Plumbing as soon as possible. Frank later rang to say that O’Shea Plumbing could access the neighbour’s property the next day. Lawrie and Max visited the two properties again. Now that they had access to the neighbour’s property they were able to clearly deduct that the blockage was actually in the Yarra Valley Water main sewer. Lawrie rang and referred the job to Yarra Valley Water, and was informed that they would be on-site within two hours to get Frank and his neighbour’s sewer cleared and running again. Thanks to the quick work by Lawrie and Max from O’Shea Plumbing, the blockage was able to be solved quickly and Frank could go back to living in a home free from plumbing issues.

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Master Plumbers’ Senate Inquiry into Non-Conforming Building Products

  Australia is a country that is growing rapidly. The 2016 census, released by Australian Bureau of Statistics, found Australia’s population has grown by 8.8 per cent to 24.4 million people since the last time it was measured in 2011.  If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, the city landscape scattered with cranes and construction sites is so normal you probably don’t even notice it anymore.   Rapid population growth equals rapid expansion of both the central business district and suburbs.  While this exciting expansion has offered a tremendous amount of opportunity for the city, it also comes with risks in how quickly growth is occurring.      A construction site may just seem like large metal building machines and concrete blocks, but behind what is visible to the eye are hundreds of specialists, tradesman, and essential regulations.  A recent concern to the Senate from Master Plumbers is how regulations are being upheld amidst such fast-moving growth.   Below is a quick look at the concern, how it could impact you, and what needs to be done.

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Problematic Plumbing: The Risks of Improperly Installed Pipes

  All across Australia, homeowners are dealing with the aftermath of poorly installed plumbing. Whether it’s the product of an amateur job or a professional service which just isn’t up to scratch, it is important to respond quickly to problems with residential pipework. At O’Shea Plumbing, we see low-quality installations all the time and they can cause a lot of damage if not repaired in the right way. It is why we’re trying to help homeowners recognise the signs of bad pipework and take practical steps to fix it. Keep reading to learn about the most common plumbing mishaps and why they might be playing havoc with your house.

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Clearing the Water | Plumbing’s Place in the Fight Against Insect-Borne Illnesses

Plumbing plays a huge role in our society. Without plumbing, we wouldn’t have the infrastructure and civilisation that we do. Since the Romans and the aqueducts in 312 BC, we have grown as a society and now safe plumbing is the norm for most Western countries. It must be said though, that while we in the Western world enjoy the supreme luxury of being able to turn on a tap to get water, many others in developing countries and even in modern countries have to boil water, travel for many kilometers to get water; and with sanitation being an issue, waterborne diseases are the biggest killer worldwide. A recent study found that 4,000 children die every day from ingesting filthy water and water that is not fit for drinking due to contamination. While we are lucky enough to not face these kinds of sanitation concerns and can enjoy a high standard of cleanliness in our society, there is a concern which – luckily – modern plumbing is able to help with as well. The Zika virus is something that came to light in 2016 as people struggled around the world in the United States of America and Singapore. The disease of Zika virus is caused by infected mosquitos biting a person and transmitting the disease on to them through their skin.   Where there’s water… In order to get Zika virus there needs to be mosquitos present, and the plumbing industry has been leading the charge in providing an innovative and effective solution. When flash flooding and heavy rainfall happen, it has resulted in flooded buildings and swamped areas. When this water is left to be stagnant for a period of time, it can quickly turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To combat this, key players in the plumbing industry have stepped up with dewatering pumps which have been deployed throughout Southeast Asia, as a means to help remove stagnant water and emptying out potential risk areas. As plumbers, we often have to clear out contaminated water quickly and efficiently, and it’s vital that we have the right tools for the job to ensure we can work quickly and safely. This is just one such example of how our industry can lead the charge in keeping our world safe against threats. The threat in your home doesn’t have to be huge – but it can come from things like standing water turning into mozzie breeding grounds, or perhaps you have a leak that’s causing potential damage to your home. Whatever the problem, at O’Shea Plumbing we can help you out.   Why not get in touch with us today and get a free quote? Call us on 03 9888 2887 and we’ll hit the ground running.    

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